Studio Portraits


I can't get over how lousy a lot of portraits look. Everyone has a camera in their phone so they take photos of their friends anytime, anywhere. And we end up seeing a lot of lousy personal photos with god-awful lighting, crazy shadows, and terrible color.

So, to make the world a slightly better place, I volunteer to take photos of the Brock Badger curlers, both team photos and individual portraits at this time each year. The students' enthusiasm is infectious and without too much encouragement, we can turn normal group shots into something with a little more personality.

It's worth setting up studio lighting and a backdrop to ensure that everyone looks good, color is correct and everything is sharp.

Thanks to the Women's Junior Varsity team - (l - r) - Sarah-Anne Guay, Grace Lukaschuk, Jeanette Burnside, Laura Henderson, and Sophie McKelvie, for being such great models!

Need your office or workshop team photographed professionally? Shoot us a mail.

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