My biography & experience


It's about finding extraordinary in ordinary places!


Doug has had a life-time experience with photography. As the owner of an advertising agency, he has hired and worked with some of Canada’s best photographers, taking day-in-the-life photos on many Canadian university campuses, hanging out of aircraft taking aerial photos, or spending time in studios working with controlled lighting.

Doug’s first cameras were a 120 Rolliflex and 35 mm Canons and Nikons. A basement darkroom was the source of the earliest prints, and colour transparencies were developed by hand. Today, it’s a digital world: the darkroom has transformed into a 37” monitor, and the cameras are all digital Nikons.

Doug is a firm believer in the gospel of, “Chasing the Light”. He has made many of his golf course and landscape photos by getting into position in the middle of the night, and waiting for the sunrise. He also has a habit of checking the weather forecast to see when a storm will break and loves to capture the sky as the weather changes. So much depends on being in the right place at the right time and it can take a lifetime of experience to make that happen.

My recent accomplishments

Prints for new RCMP headquarters

Doug was commissioned to supply 15 prints of Niagara to be hung in the newly-designed RCMP headquarters in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The spectacularly large prints were 9' x 15', printed on canvas and framed with oak.

Photo prints for St Catharines Golf & Country Club

After the renovations of the clubhouse at St. Catharines Golf & Country Club, Doug was commissioned to create a series of 12 prints that were printed on canvas and hung in the new Clubhouse and in the new Pro Shop.

Photos for Mississaugua Golf & Country Club

To update all the photography at the Club and to create a new library of photos for their website, Doug was commissioned to photograph the club and the course over a period of several months.

Photo assignment for Trucking Company

Doug was commissioned to create a new website for Zavcor Trucking, who handle time-sensitive, temperature-controlled shipments. His photos ranged from portraits of all the executives through to photos of a day-in-the-life of their trucks.