A Day in the Life of a Trucker

How Fresh are Your Bananas?

What I found out is that they are very fresh! Zavcor Trucking commissioned us to build a new website and that included a lot of photography: from staff portraits to equipment-in-action photos.
We spent a day on the road with one of their trucks. Zavcor deals in the shipment of time-sensitive, temperature-controlled deliveries. They move 75 truckloads a week of bananas from the ships on the eastern seaboard to the Food Terminal in Toronto. It's very interesting to see the temperature controls on each skid of bananas that comes off the truck. Extreme care is taken from the time it's harvested until it arrives in your supermarket.
Bouncing around in a transport truck also opens your eyes to highway travel from the point of view of someone guiding a 53' trailer weighing 20 tons. These drivers are professional and patient. And they're proud of what they do.

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